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    The 4 Skill Sets It Takes To Build An Effective Website

    A website serves one primary purpose, to generate business. In order to do that, a website must accomplish two specific things: 1) BE FOUND BY SEARCH ENGINES - To achieve this, the website must be coded according to industry best standards, contain appropriate content, and engage human visitors. Search engines will read your website code, […]

      The Popularity Of Voice Search And What It Means To Your SEO Practices

      One of the big changes making an impact in the world of digital marketing right now is the widespread use of voice search. Over the past few years, the use of smartphone assistants and devices like Alexa and Siri has skyrocketed. These items can make great gift ideas for the holidays, because their utility is […]

        Is Guest-Blogging Still Important To Do In The '20s?

        Believe it or not, there are still some definite benefits to guest blogging on major online publications and industry sites. Guest blogging, by definition, is a method used by those who create and host blogs themselves to increase traffic to their sites.  Guest bloggers offer their talents to write content for other, similar-subject blogs in their industry as guest bloggers. […]

          How To Write Content That Delivers Results You Want

          Is Your Content Delivering the Results You Need? Possibly, you’ve constantly heard that “content is king” in the world of SEO. However, exactly what does that mean when you sit down, marketing strategy in hand, and hammer out what you’re going to put on today’s Worldwide Web. You have a vague idea of what ‘content’ […]

            7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Be Blogging

            Blogging continues to provide an effective way of developing an online web presence and putting forth a powerful marketing strategy for your brand. Creating strong blog content can provide you that key “bridge” to your audience and their needs, bringing awareness of your brand while providing relevant information to your target audience. Here are 7 […]

              1% Increase HERE Equals 16% Increase In Revenue

              Increasing Marketing Efforts Will Greatly Impact Your Conversion Rate A conversion rate is a calculation used by website owners and advertisers to contrast the total number of guests who visit a website to the number of those who become paying clients, supporters, or an interested lead. Conversion rates are incredibly useful to website owners and […]

                How To Get Your Target Audience To Stay On Your Page Longer

                Unfortunately, most webpages are not actually captivating to their targeted audience. Many times, consumers will page-hop until they land on a website that gives them an immediate impression that the company being represented can help them to accomplish whatever task or mission they are on. Regardless of your industry, service, or products, a website is […]