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We provide full-service digital marketing to bring your business in front of your targeted audience. Each service is available as a stand-alone option; however, for best return on your marketing investment, we recommend a composite marketing strategy comprised of website conversion optimization, search engine optimization, social media management, content marketing, and managed digital advertising. Not sure where to begin or how much effort you should put into each available digital marketing service? Just ask us! We’ll perform a free analysis of your current website and compose a custom marketing package designed for your best results.

Unified Brand Identity

For example, when you are driving down the road and see a giant yellow arched ‘M’ in the sky, there’s no doubt what that symbol stands for.

Logo Design

The logo is one vital part of the brand-building process. Usually, it is the first symbol your customer sees when coming across your company. You need an attractive, eye-catching design for your logo.  

Utility & Taglines

If your brand requires a slogan or statement to go along with the logo, or to be used separately, we will develop options for you to consider as well as an in-depth consultation on the usage of your support statement or slogan.

A website, before it can work well for you, needs a lot of attention to detail. We carefully develop the content, integrate your branding, and improve user experience. We help organically establish SEO and social media connections to your website, along with so much, much more. This is our specialty. The reason we got into the digital marketing field. Be sure to view what's included in our web design and development packages—a detailed outline of all we have to offer when we build your website!

Then, begin the process toward finding…

✓ Potential customers located in your general area.

✓ Informed customers, due to your strong content, ready to make a buying decision.

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He’s not going to place his paper at the bottom of the stack. No, he will try his best to have the paper placed within the top two or three in the pile, where his teacher can locate it early, hopefully right after he sits down and starts to grade them. We do the same in the Internet world.
We strive to get your business and services noticed—moving you up the search index ladder. We have a lot of experience and track record that basically says this: We will help you to get you noticed on the Internet.
Social media marketing is designed to grow your brand’s online presence, establish trust, and build relationships with potential customers.
We help you take the latest technologies and improve social media results for your business. Our social media management service helps increase brand, product, and service awareness while providing a great digital presence and social proofing.
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The Internet has opened up a number of doors for people to advertise their products and services online. 
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one popular technique advertisers use to put a digital advertising strategy in motion. 

PPC is a model of Internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads are clicked. This option encompasses many forms of advertising: text ads, banner ads, video ads, targeted ads, and retargeting ads (ads shown to people who have previously engaged with you). 

The two primary platforms for managed ads are search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest). 

Our team's ad experts are certified in each platform to create ads that are effective, well-designed, well-targeted. This service includes ad creation and continually monitoring and optimizing our clients’ ads.

Content Marketing

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Content is what most Internet searchers are looking for—be it information, entertainment, or services.

To be the source that satisfies the user's search, you need to supply content on your website, and other places, that not only entices users but also stands out to search engines as a viable source it should direct users to.

We understand the technological science of utilizing search terms, titles, headings, and other SEO practices within the content we create for you to draw users (and search engines) in for optimal content marketing results.

So, where else can you find a complete understanding of what you need within your content to succeed and produce sales? Be sure and visit our Content Marketing page to get a full explanation of what we have to offer your business. Look to MerchantSide Marketing Group for help as you consider a ‘best practice’ strategy when creating content for your website or company blog.

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