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Can’t Miss SEO Tips For Small Business Owners

If you were to go to the Internet and research SEO tips to help the small business owner, you could find upwards of 50 or more ‘pointers’ for improving your ranking in Google’s index for Internet searches. However, instead of overwhelming yourself, here are three areas you will want to address for SEO improvement.

Create a blog

The value of blogging is already well established. Blogs drive traffic to your primary site, help you target potential customers, and let you gain credibility as an expert in your area of expertise—among other benefits. A well-focused blog article can draw readers in, educate them toward making a better buying decision, and even cultivate increased demand for your product or service. But you’ll need to start one, add content periodically to keep it fresh and relevant, and promote and use links to drive readership to that space from time to time. This is certainly not a quick-fix strategy, but serious marketers who possess an intent to succeed know that publishing blog material online is a must-do strategy!

Focus on quality and not quantity with your blogs articles

People want quality information when they search, and they don’t want to read tons of verbiage before they find what they’re looking for.

  • Be concise. A lot of words aren’t going to help your Google ranking or build readership.
  • Be thorough. Comprehensive coverage of any topic gets more success from Google’s ranking software than coverage that skips around, leaves out important information, or leaves readers confused and dissatisfied. Develop your content as if you were going to use it personally to quickly find specific information. Keep the article focused on that primary topic of interest to your audience. Finally, it won’t hurt to learn about SEO writing tricks to include in your text such as long-tail phrasing or using keyword proximity.

Do keyword research on your industry or business

The playing field for keyword searches is constantly changing. Why? Because Google and other major search engines keep changing the rules. Researchers find the conditions are complex as to why some words do better than others. Once you begin to think you’ve mastered the “science” to keyword logic—if there is such a thing—the rules change once again. Google is constantly looking for ways to improve the user’s experience. That means when you look up a topic on Google they want you to find greater success with the least amount of hassle possible. With so much content coming from so many sources, this is not an easy service to deliver. One thing you can do as a small business owner, research the kind of keywords people frequently use when they look for your type/category of product or service. Also, learn to pull off tactics like keyword stemming—altering words slightly to optimize the ways you can use them.

Obviously, there are many more tips a small business owner can use—and should include—in his/her Internet strategy. These three tips are centered on the use of blogs, a vital tool for reaching more potential customers. Remember, simply publishing a “business card” website won’t go very far in driving traffic toward your web space. You need to produce content in all the ways the experts are recommending, especially blogging.

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