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What is ‘Conversion Optimization’?

Conversion Optimization. Conversion Rate Optimization. CRO.

These phrases are often tossed around quite a bit in marketing and many times in sales—but what does it mean and what does it have to do with your business?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO for short) is the process that is used to create or describe an increase in the number of prospects who complete a desired action (like call, fill out a form, join your newsletter, or purchase a product or your services) from your website or phone app. This action is called a conversion; you are converting a prospect into a strong lead or, even better of a conversion, into a buyer.

Those familiar with CRO, marketing and sales teams or agencies, are used to help companies improve their website and online sales strategies to help them increase their conversions.

Why Is Conversion Optimization Important?

By focusing on CRO, a company can essentially reduce their overhead costs. By investing in CRO practices and strategies (usually an improved website, better or more strategically placed content, and enhanced call-to-actions) a business’ customer acquisition costs can be lowered significantly.

With an attractive website built with your customers in mind, you put in minimal effort to converting website visitors into sales leads—they do it themselves! By the time the customer is talking to you, they are a strong enough lead that your sales team (or your own personal sales strategies) won’t have to overwork themselves to close the deal.

An optimized conversion rate can increase the number of website visitors (more customers!), increase the revenue per each visitor, and help you to grow and expand your business.

Do The Math

Well, we’ll do it for you…

If your website’s landing page receives 2,000 visitors and is known to generate a current conversion rate of 10%, then you have 200 warm leads and/or sales.

If you increase your efforts to bump your conversion rate by just 5% more, then your conversions can increase by 50%! That’s 300 customers, 100 more than before with just 5% more effort.

5% of effort can translate into a simple change of location of your call-to-action (i.e. “fill out this form”), modification of the current content, or a simple change in the page’s design. Something that catches the eye of your website visitor that encourages them to take that next step.

And you can always increase your conversion, which is why companies are routinely updating their websites, modifying their logo or brand, or changing the marketing strategies—to keep up with their growing customer base and to stay competitive for their users.

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