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Digital Advertising

The most well-recognized form of digital advertising is PPC, pay-per-click. With this strategy you pay a fee each time one of your ads is clicked; allowing you to purchase visitor traffic to your site rather than gaining them through organic means. These kinds of ads include banner ads, video ads, targeted ads, retargeted ads (ads shown to people that have previously engaged with you), and text ads. The two primary platforms for managed ads are the search engines (such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo) and social media (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest).

Sounds easy, right?

Not so much. There is more to managing digital ads than just paying a few fees. You also have to take into consideration your daily and monthly budget and the budget of your competitors because how much you are willing (or can) pay will reflect in how often one of your ads is shown and where it is positioned. There is also the determination of which keywords or phrases you want to target, how well your site is organically “SEO’d” for them, and the popularity of your targeted keywords amongst your competitors’ ads and your targeted audience.

In addition, each click’s costs is calculated upon multiple factors—the current competition rate for the targeted keyword or phrase, the click through-rates (odds of someone actually clicking it), the quality scores of your ad, and what page you want your ad to link to within your site.

Several members of our team have extensive experience with PPC. We know the ways to optimize this method for you aside from understanding the ins and outs of PPC campaigning, like ensuring you have a well-built site because the better the quality of the website (and its content) the lower the cost and increased likelihood of garnering clicks and increasing your return on your investment.
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Social Media Advertising

A Vital Part Of Our Digital Strategies.

Digital advertising, if done correctly, needs to also include the use of social media advertising (SMA) if you’re going to see best results. Social media advertising as a platform allows advertisers to target certain groups or ‘communities’ because of the analytics involved. Simply stated, you can find and engage specific groups of potential customers through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In the process, you can establish trust because a ‘relationship’ is being formed. Like a few other digital options out there, the pricing is based on a number of factors; one such way is Cost Per Click (CPC), just one of the models you will want to consult with us about. Speak with us today and we’ll go over the value and how pricing works in the oh-so-important area of social media marketing.

Remember, in all worthwhile digital campaigns, we are out to achieve garnering relevant traffic that causes conversions for your business. And ‘conversions’ are when viewers/visitors to your site or ad actually do what you want them to do—not just click in and move on. MerchantSide Marketing wants you to experience conversions, and sales!


This platform allows you, the advertiser, to bid for ad placement in a search engine whenever someone searches a keyword related to your products or services. When it comes to SEA, the potential visitor is actively searching for a product or service. Every time the ad is clicked, sending a visitor to your website, you (the client) must pay the search engine a small fee. If the ad is shown but not clicked, then you pay nothing.

There are tools available the average merchant will never find enough time to master, for example, Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Rest assured our experts have hours and hours of experience using these features to their fullest measure. Leave that kind of mastery to us!

Realistic Expectations of Managed Digital Advertising

Just like building a website and bringing it online, to implementing a comprehensive social media plan, our efforts take time. The best made digital advertising plans usually take 6 to 8 months to really build momentum—letting you see conversions! In our experience, this time frame tends to be the most realistic, and that is what we tell our clients. If you stick with the process, and all our recommendations, you will see results within a reasonable length of time. We believe from experience you’ll be glad you made the investment!

Our Pricing

Managed Digital Ads

Per Platform Fee
Google, Bing, Facebook

$     99

Plus Your Ad Budget

(we suggest no less than $10/per day)
$199 campaign setup fee required
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