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How To Get Your Target Audience To Stay On Your Page Longer

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Unfortunately, most webpages are not actually captivating to their targeted audience. Many times, consumers will page-hop until they land on a website that gives them an immediate impression that the company being represented can help them to accomplish whatever task or mission they are on.

Regardless of your industry, service, or products, a website is a major source for converting prospects into leads and leads into conversions. So, how do you build a website? What should go on it? What should it look like?

Here are a few tried and true fundamentals you can use to not only help capture your target audience’s attention, but also keep them engaged on your website longer—and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

Make Your Solution To Their Problem Clear, Immediately

When using a search engine on the internet, most consumers are looking for a specific problem or issue to be solved. If a potential consumer arrives on your website after searching their need, and the landing page they are brought to does not make it immediately clear what your business does or how you can provide a solution to their problem/satisfy their need, then they will quickly leave your page to find a competitor's website that does make this message clear. 

Even if your business could have done a better job resolving their issue, you will lose potential customers if your website cannot accurately portray what your business does and how it does it better than competitors.

Write Better Copy

It is extremely important for every section of your website to have content that is clear and concise; accurately portraying what your business has to offer and how you are different from your competitors.

Having content that is irrelevant, long winded and/or full of industry jargon will only confuse your potential customers and make them leave your page to find one that is easier to understand.

Content is the master of your page in many ways. Having attractive content on your website gives you the ability to not only inform your potential customers about your business, but also allows you to leverage social media, personal testimonies, visual aids, and guides. By using a multi-content style approach, you can capture your audience with what they want to see and read and keep them engaged on your website longer.

Use Strong Call To Actions

Having a great website design with awesome content will not do much for your business if your customers cannot reach you. Your website needs obvious and clear call-to-actions—an enticing message to follow through with some form of action (call, message, register, purchase, etc.). Call-to-actions are what convert website visitors from a potential customer to a paying customer—or at a minimum, a strong sales lead—with minimal sales effort. Every page of your website should have a strategically placed call-to-action that guides your website visitor to complete a desired action.

Utilize Appropriate Marketing Techniques

There are certain words and phrases that can be more captivating, but these should be used appropriately. Content that promises free product or time, superior service, guarantees or warranties, or any other type of above-and-beyond promise should be backed by your business practices. Avoid using these terms if you aren’t going to follow through—word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get new business. It is also how many businesses fail; especially in this day and age where there are numerous sources for customers to share their experience with your brand.

Claims that cannot be supported can drive away traffic. Use these platforms and the right content to support your marketing claims. For example:
“Cheapest Service In Town”, “Guaranteed Lowest Prices”, “No One Beats Our Price” – support these bold claims by being open with your pricing, listing it directly on the website or supporting the claim with an offer for price-matching, plus 10% off to prove you really won’t be beat on price.
“Best In The Bay”, “Top-Rated”, “Number One In The Industry” – Can you prove it? Do so! Show off your company’s public reviews, awards, and any certifications to support just how good you are at what you do.
“Quality Products”, “Natural Ingredients”, “Ideal Results” – Display your ingredients, manufacturing process, reviews about your products, or show before and after images to support any these claims.
A brand someone trusts, is a brand someone will purchase from—often many times and the experience is shared with those they know, potentially providing you with new sales leads.

Be sure to implement these tips when building your own website, or trust in a marketing company to take these into account for you when build your website and helping you develop and strengthen your brand.
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