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Checklist For Writing Your “About Us” Page

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The ‘About Us’ page of your website is an opportunity to be—for lack of a better term—human. On this page you can try and connect with customers who value hard-working, honest entrepreneurs such as yourself, or your entire company.

Below is a checklist of points and factors you want to include to optimize the effectiveness of your “About Us” page:
  1. Let customers do the selling for you. Here is a great place to put personal testimonials and good user experiences. Your credibility score rises when you let others talk—those who were satisfied with your product/service and are willing to post some thoughts about their buyer experience.
  2. Make sure the verbiage and graphics are “human.” That is, here is a great space to show your company is made up of real people who understand the needs and concerns of their customers. Formal, stiff language rarely conveys anything other than a forgettable string of words others will not remember.
  3. Don’t try to sound overly business-like. A lot of business “babble” is simply that—babble. People want straight talk about real benefits and actual terms. If you shroud your message in a lot of business-sounding words, you’ll lose the attention of your readers and alienate them with unsatisfactory information—a bunch of words that really fail to explain anything.
  4. Use creativity to avoid “stock language” and cliché meanings. You want to showcase your company’s personality in this space. If you pull that off with good judgment, you can enjoy a significant payoff when people connect with, and trust, your business.
  5. Make the page more relevant to their needs. It may be an “About Us” page, but it is really about your website visitor. When creating content for this page, you should A) Include why the viewer should bother to read your site; B) Mention some of the problems you solve as a team/company; Finally, C) try to project what they’re interested in; then, include this in your page content.
  6. Don’t feed them B.S. Try not to over-state some attributes or achievements of your team or individuals. For example, words such as “visionary” or “cutting-edge” usually only satisfy your own ego. They fall short in getting the viewer to actually believe you.
  7. Breath life into your bios. People get bored reading a simple, business-sounding resume. Add personal traits like “dog lover” or “serial inventor” or “relentless skier” to the descriptions. People find these comments much more interesting than “proven manager.”
  8. Include links to social media profiles. The ‘About Us’ page is as a good a place as any to publish links that will lead to further discovery. You want those who find you online to further the quest of getting to know you better. Or, you want them to find out just what it is that makes you and your team unique in the market.
  9. Finally, don’t write forever about nothing. Be brief and yet mention the greater parts of your staff’s experience. For example, if your firm offers design skills and a member of your graphic’s team has 15 years of big production experience, make sure you include that piece of info. This type of description lies at the heart of why “About Us” pages were created in the first place—for credibility!
There are a lot of tricks and different approaches a business can take before designing and planning a great “About Us” page for their website. These nine points, however, are essential if you don’t want this page to simply blend in with predictable, bland data one can find anywhere on the Internet. Remember, you want to stand out! Just beware you don’t stretch the lines of ‘normal’ so much that you turn off visitors to your site.
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