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The Popularity Of Voice Search And What It Means To Your SEO Practices

One of the big changes making an impact in the world of digital marketing right now is the widespread use of voice search. Over the past few years, the use of smartphone assistants and devices like Siri and Alexa have skyrocketed. 

What does this growing trend mean for SEO in general? How will it affect your business goals? One point is, it needs to influence them. Voice search is here to stay, and more and more seekers of goods and services will be using these devices to find what they’re looking for.

Here are 3 steps you can make to ensure your marketing strategy includes voice methodologies:

1. Make sure your web page is fast-loading.

Fast-Loading websites offer an edge in Google Voice Search results. When Google queries information from a voice-initiated search, it clearly favors pages that load more quickly; make sure yours has a speed score of 90 or better when loading to optimize this opportunity for greater conversions.

2. Make sure your website is HTTPS secured.

A study was conducted that revealed HTTPS secured websites dominate Google Voice Search results. The difference was 70.4 percent vs. 50 percent from desktop originated searches. Hence, the use of HTTPS with your site can’t hurt in benefiting from all the traffic that originates with a voice search.

If holding a webs security certificate (SSL) is important for your business practices (like taking online payments) or if your interests lie in the SEO benefit, then be sure to make your request know with the web developer working on your site. It is common for most sites to be built as HTTP sites, with the security certificate as a separately purchased add-on. 

3. You should account for this fact: voice search results tend to be short and fairly concise.

When you formulate your answer or solution to a query, you should match the conciseness of Google and make your answers to queries and questions as short as possible. The optimum length to be exactly is 29 words. That doesn’t mean you can’t consider some leeway with such a number; however, if 29 words seems to carry even a slight edge, it would be prudent for you as a self-marketer to take this number into account.

Other factors weigh in also as far as ways you can integrate voice search strategies into your marketing plan. However, the three explanations provided above should start you toward a foundation adequate for you to begin benefiting from this trend toward more voice searching.

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