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How To Write Content That Delivers Results You Want

Is Your Content Delivering the Results You Need?

Possibly, you’ve constantly heard that “content is king” in the world of SEO. However, exactly what does that mean when you sit down, marketing strategy in hand, and hammer out what you’re going to put on today’s Worldwide Web. You have a vague idea of what ‘content’ involves—most people picture the words that they’ll type into WordPress or other software—but you also realize there are a decent number of elements involved if you’re going to play this game right. Some merchants are using great content strategies, and their results show it, while others are throwing darts at a wall, so to speak, to see what sticks.

Here are several factors you may want to consider if you feel like you are the dart thrower; never sure what you’re doing as far as impacting your target audience. Possibly, you (or your business) have not taken these principles into consideration, as of yet:

You never established an ultimate objective for your content.

You can’t really craft anything meaningful with a ‘word strategy’ if you don’t know what the ultimate outcome should look like. For instance, if your goal is to educate your audience as to reasons your product is of better value (a longer lasting automobile, for example), every decision behind the content you select or create should be geared toward that goal. Your audience should be taking in information that will persuade them your brand of car will outlast anything your competition is offering.

Once you have a goal in mind for all your marketing efforts, you can work backward from that goal and align every step you make so that the outcome you originally wanted will be accomplished.

Your content is not relevant.

A lot of people come up with a host of ideas that, on the surface, sound splashy or creative. At times, that can be all well and good. It won’t hurt your ROI (return on investment). However, in today’s competitive Internet marketplace, where you need to move up in Google’s index ranking, you need to have some concept of how Google looks at and evaluates your content.

Google has programmed its software to look over your content to see if it meets certain criteria.
  • Is comprehensive in covering a subject?
  • Is it coherent and easy to read?
  • Does the writer overuse keywords making the article read like one long spam advertisement?
  • Does the article have a clear purpose in the marketplace? Does it offer enough value proposition?
In short, Google cares if the article is competently delivered. And their standards for ranking—along with those of other search engines like Bing and Yahoo—are only getting tougher. Hence, your content needs to satisfy the needs of those who visit your web space. If so, then your content will begin to deliver results and rank higher.

You failed at connecting your brand to your content.

There are businesses that get excited because more visitors are coming to their site than they had expected. But the ‘conversion rate’—those who actually stay on the site and eventually purchase an item or service—stays strangely low. In other words, the merchant is not witnessing the kind of results he/she wanted when they built their website. Okay, so what does a business owner do now? Possibly, the merchant failed to properly connect the brand they are offering to the content they are putting on the Internet. If he/she is fired up about educating viewers regarding the playing field for, say, a certain brand of power tool, but never stays true to the purpose of promoting his/her brand as the best model, buyers might leave feeling informed, but possess little incentive (desire) to buy the brand this merchant wants to offer. In short, the merchant wasted money, time, and effort to try and engage potential customers because they failed to lay the necessary groundwork to gather more sales. This happens more often to merchants than you might believe. In fact, it happens a lot. To have a sound Internet strategy you need to fully connect your brand to the outcome of what people will believe after reading all your content; at least, that needs to be your clear objective. If you do, and keep your content coherent, you will drive viewers toward sales, and you will notice how your revenues will spike! Proven, experienced SEO firms (like ourselves, just saying…) can help you set up a simple plan to gauge how well your blogs are performing and even take over in order to generate the results you’ve been aiming for. If you’re not seeing the kind of results you set out to achieve, we can help you plan a way to optimize those results.
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