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How To Create Blog Content That Matters

While content creation and sharing are not high-Return On Investment marketing actions, they can greatly increase brand, product, and service awareness while providing an avenue to improve your digital presence and social proof your company. Not sure if blogging is for you? Check out more reasons why you business should be posting blogs.

Quality vs Quantity

To deliver high quality blog content to your audiences it’s important to know a few things. 

Don’t spam produce articles. One well written and informative blog per week is perfect. Save the daily posting for social media! If there is a lot of information you would like to share on a topic, consider emailing a newsletter to subscribers.
Stay relevant! If you’re a flower shop don’t create content about cars—and likewise, keep the content relevant to your lane and stay there.
Never “borrow” content from other sites to use on your own! Avoid copyright infringement by writing about the same or similar topic but include how your business does X differently or is better suited to solve the particular problem posed by the blog topic.
Create an Editorial Calendar

How do you ensure that you’re creating high quality content on a regular basis? Put together an editorial calendar. Not only does this help you set a plan and stick to it, it’s also a much more efficient use of your time to sit down and plan out the month’s content in one fell swoop, rather than scrambling to post something each week.

Set aside a few hours at the end of each month to plan your content approach for the following month. Centering your content around a theme can help you to create content that works well together and provides the depth of information your audience craves.

Refresh Existing Content

Just because you’re sharing content on a regular basis doesn’t mean it all needs to be brand new. Refreshing old content is a great way to get additional life out of your currently existing content. Some topics never go out of style but may need to be updated as the details change.

Let’s say you own a business that handles home renovations. Perhaps you have a blog post about selecting the perfect kitchen countertop. While some of the principles of countertop selection will always be the same, some of the trends will change. You can refresh this content to reflect changes in consumer trends (acknowledging the shift from granite to quartz as the material of choice, for example). This keeps the content relevant, while allowing you to continue to benefit from the main material of the original post.

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