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MerchantSide Marketing specializes in getting your website to rank high, locally, in Google searches—so people who search the Internet can find you. We’ll also help you get ranked on other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.

As each year passes Google is constantly changing the way it ranks all websites. And there are a LOT of them. Millions, in fact—and on top of that over 200 factors used to judge, categorize, and rank each website. So, what we do as a marketing company is work with the various SEO ‘tools’ available to get you ranked as high as possible; generally, our clients seek to do this within the geographic region where they do business.
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Our track record shows that we bring results to our clients. 
How do we do it?

On-site optimization:

This is the coding, meta data, and content that make up your website. If your current site lacks in optimization, we’ll recommend you have us build you a new one to ensure you maximize your on-site search engine optimization. This rarely ever needs to change once a good website has been built; most websites may need some updating or “revamping” every 3-4 years to ensure the coding and design are up to the latest technological standards—but as an added bonus for continuing working with us over that period of time, we do the updating and revamping of your site for free.

Off-site optimization:

SEO efforts can be continued beyond your website by creating backlinks—that is, links to your site posted on other sites to help garner more organic traffic. Every link out in the great wide web that connects to your website is like a vote of confirmation to search engines that your site is more trustworthy, more relevant, and more popular than other similar websites.

Our Mission with SEO

Mainly, we strive for Organic Search Results.

The best way to bring visitors to your website is by gaining organic results. This simply means that your site earned its way—by having all key elements properly in place—up the ladder of listings. Just as you would want your business listed near the top in a phonebook (remember those?), we want people to notice your business first or at least as close to the top of that Google ranking as possible. Obviously, you don’t want people who search online to click 7 or 8 pages in to a search-engine directory before they find you, right?

For faster and more targeted results, go for Digital Advertising.

When organic methods have been implemented but you'd like to see a faster conversion, you can pay to have your website placed at the top of search pages, above the organic-listed sites for specific industry, product, or service related keywords. 

Paid search advertising, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, allows business owners like you to place their product in front of people who are already searching for it. Therefore, your chance of seeing that person convert to a paying customer, in many ways, is greater if you select ‘paid’ options for promoting.

Our SEO and PPC experts can show you which keywords that get clicked on more often, generate the most conversions, and can bring in those conversions at the lowest rate. 


A Timeline for Expected Results

As with any successful marketing strategy, building momentum and putting all the pieces together to get more views, and eventually conversions, takes time. We tell our merchants, that if followed are recommendations, they can expect visits and conversions to reach “significant levels”, generally, within 6 to 8 months.

While this timeframe may seem like a long time before getting results, it doesn't necessarily mean you won't have any results over that time.
In many cases, web traffic increases begin occurring with your first advertising campaign—it just may take a few months for the impressions and clicks to generate the desired conversions. Your PPC services can be more effective when paired with a new website that is built to visually appeal to your market with content and page meta data optimized for keywords. Paying to direct visitors to your site when it is not appealing or designed to encourage visitors to take buying action is a drain on your budget and can affect your overall digital advertising goals. 


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All SEO options require $450 campaign setup fee

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